Basera Novel By Anwar Alegi

Basera by Anwar Alegi
Basera Novel By Anwar Alegi

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Now we present “ Basera” by ” Anwar Alegi” 
Now we present “ Basera” by ” Anwar Alegi”
Author’s Name Anwar Alegi
Book Category   Horror
Pages 28
Size 8 MB

Book Summary : In this Horror Novel, the writer Anwar Alegi tells about a deadly invention created by Kafiristani (Indian) Scientist under the supervision of Government to kill the innocent people of Pakisia (Pakistan) and occupy the Pak land. This novel shows the dedication and great effort by the Pakisia Secret Service under the leadership of its great spy agent “Imran Ali” and its team mate and they defeat the devil’s of the world. In this book writer try his best to inform the readers about the efforts of Imran Series team that with the believe upon ALLAH, they complete their mission with success and honor and defeat the enemies of their country. This is a great effort by Zaheer Ahmed to write a good novel. I hope you will enjoyed a lot after reading this beautiful novel.

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Basera by Anwar Alegi

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