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Read if you want to know About Us. www.urdunovelspoint.com is a place where you will find Urdu Books, novels, magzines etc. of almost every kind like Action, Suspense, Histrory, Religion, Health & beauty, Romance, Fun, Kids, Safarnamas, etc. and you will also find knowledge base books and different language based books. We also provide stuff for education and cover subjects like Accounting, Auditing, Management Accounting, Business, Banking, Commerce, Economics, Finance, Financial Management, Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Computer Programming, Cyber Security, General Mathematics, General Knowledge, Business Mathematics, Business Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and all type of job and professional bodies test like GAT-General, GAT-Subject, NAT, CSS, SAT, CAT, HAT and interview related MCQs with Answers.


Our aim is to become a Standard Place where every body feel comfort and love to visit for mental satisfaction while reading different books and also Testing her/his Educational Efficiency.

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